9 Channel 3 Units Wireless Call All Intercom Office Home Work for Safety Distance Quarantine

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- Simple and robust, no software set up, available all the time, switch on and talk.

- No installation required, just plug in and press to talk; this is FM 462 MHz wireless signal voice transmission and reception via air - no requirement for house one power meter (i.e. no requirement for house same electric wire or 3-wire ground layout).

- 9 channel operation : Multi-channel operation for privacy talk and listen. One to One or One to All Stations communication system.

- 8 separated channels for individual CALL and TALK;  1 common channel CALL ALL* talking/paging – press All CALL button, you/elderly can talk/page to all stations/rooms at once.

- Easy to set up your designated station - Just press and hold the Channel Button until you hear a beep tone sounds and Button LED lights (Note : All units are set with Channel 1 by default. User is required to switch the default channel to the desirable channel. If you do not set-up designated stations, all units revert to channel 1 after conversation)

- Paper Stations label for quick identification of designated stations. Convenient communication system in your home, office, godown, shop, workshop.

- Desktop, wall-mountable, portable **

- Quick and easy Direct CHANNEL select buttons, with A/B/C channel group switch to avoid unwanted signals

- SOFT TOUCH and BIG button -- LOCK, TALK, CALL, ALL CALL ON/OFF buttons

- CALL button for individual call of each station

- All CALL button for CALL ALL* stations at the same time

* CALL ALL – this is talking, paging or announcement function as you/elderly may talk/page to all stations (disregard their designated channel numbers) at the same time

- TALK button for manually press and hold the TALK button and begins to talk. The TALK button will not turn on automatically for privacy

- LOCK button let you talk handfree and continuously 

- Power ON/OFF button

- Digital volume control button, for adjusting the sound level

- Effective distance: Approx. 2500 feet, in line of sight

- Unit size : Approx. 4.9 x 6.25 x 2 inches (12.4 x 16 x 4.2 cm)

- Power source : Mains AC Power only; Micro USB cord AC adapter included

Note :  ** For portable/battery operation, you may use your smartphone power bank (not included)


What's in the mailing box : free shipping, UPS surepost from NJ warehouse

* Unit color : black

* Station unit x 3

* World wide 120 to 240 volt. AC adapter cord (with flat-pin plug) x 3


Note :

- Three groups of channels are available to combat against unwanted signal or interference. A channel group switch (A/B/C) is located at the back of the unit. When unwanted signal is encountered, manually switch the channel group switch can change the channel group and solve the problem.

- The intercom cannot replace proper adult supervision. Children activity must be checked at regular intervals. Please use a professional baby monitor for baby monitoring when needed.

-  The intercom will release the LOCK after 10 hours automatically. (The talk indicator will turn off.)

Product Information
Brand Calford
Package includes 3 stations
Condition New
Country of Origin China
Warranty & Support
12 months Free labor and parts
Wireless Technology
FM wireless FM 462 MHz voice transmission with privacy sub-channel CTCSS codes
Battery Type
External Type Micro USB socket, portable phone power bank (battery not included)

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