Refurbish Home Office 4 Channel FM Wireless Voice Intercom System 2 Station White

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This is refurbished item (free shipping, by UPS surepost)

Item condition : Used – very good


- No installation required, FM 462 MHz wireless operation. No requirement for house one power meter (i.e. no requirement for house same electric wire or 3-wire ground layout). Convenience to setting up communication system in your office, godown, shop, home/workshop.

- 4 channel operation : Multi-channel operation for privacy talk and listen

3 separated channels for individual CALL and TALK;  1 special channel CALL ALL* talking – simply press and hold CALL button for a few seconds, you may talk to all stations at once. One to one or one to all Stations communication.

- Channel LED indicator; auto-return Slide Channel Switch operation, with privacy sub-channel CTCSS code

- Easy to set up your designated station - Just slide and hold the Channel Button until you hear a beep tone sounds and Button LED lights. (Note : All units are set with Channel 1 by factory default. User is required to switch the default channel to the desirable channel. If you do not set-up designated stations, all units revert to channel 1 after conversation.)

- Stations label for quick identification of designated stations.

- Desk, wall-mountable

- Quick and easy CHANNEL select buttons, with A/B/C channel group switch to avoid unwanted signals

- SOFT TOUCH and BIG button -- LOCK, TALK, CALL buttons

- CALL button for individual CALL or CALL ALL*

* CALL ALL – to call and talk to all stations at the same time

- TALK buttons for manually press and hold the TALK button and begins to talk. The TALK button will not turn on automatically for privacy

- Lockable TALK button let you talk continuously

- Convenient front Rotary power ON/OFF volume control, easily to adjust the sound level

- Effective distance: Approx. 1500 feet, in line of sight

- Unit size : Approx. 6.69 x 4.13 x 1.78 inches (170 x 105 x 45 mm)

- Power source : Mains AC Power only; Micro USB cord AC adapter included.

Note : For portable/battery operation, you may use your smartphone power bank (not included) with USB cord/plug.


What's in the mailing box :

* Unit color : white

* Station unit x 2 

* World wide 120 to 240 volt. AC adapter cord x 2


Note :

- Three groups of channels are available to combat against unwanted signal or interference. A channel group switch (A/B/C) is located at the back of the unit. When unwanted signal is encountered, manually switch the channel group switch can change the channel group and solve the problem.

- The intercom cannot replace proper adult supervision. Children activity must be checked at regular intervals. Please use a professional baby monitor for baby monitoring when needed.

-  The intercom will release the LOCK after 10 hours automatically. (The talk indicator will turn off.)

System required :
Plug and Press to Talk 1) No requirement for house same breaker box circuit. It is true FM wireless transmission via radio frequency (between 462 mHZ to 467 mHZ)....................... 2) Price is for 2 units.

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